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Auto Vib VST / AU / Multiscript

Auto Vib VST / AU / Multiscript

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Multiscript version runs in any DAW using Kontakt (version 5.8.1 or above).

VST/AU plugin version works in: Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One. Apple Silicon Native supported.

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  • Auto Vib is a new plugin that'll automatically move your vibrato controller for you. (For instruments with a separate vibrato control, that is.)

    Tired of managing a separate fader? Or drawing it into the piano roll? Or leaving vibrato at a static setting?

    Speed up workflow, while also taking full advantages of your library's capabilities.

    • Tools to fine-tune the range and responsiveness to mod wheel.
    • Activate "Progressive Mode" to slowly fade vibrato up while notes are held.
    • Purchase includes a VST3/AU plugin version (Silicon Native) and a Kontakt Multiscript version.
  • Customize your vibrato curve.

  • Customize your vibrato range.

  • "Progressive Mode" fades vibrato up on a timer.

  • Prevent key switches from interfering by using the "Active Key Range" menu.


-Multiscript version runs in any DAW within Kontakt (version 5.8.1 or above).

-VST / AU version in Cubase/Studio One requires loading the plugin in its own separate track. (Meaning you'll have two tracks, one for the plugin and another for your instrument.)


Change Log

12/19/23 Version 1.0
-Release version

12/21/23 Version 1.1
-Plugin update only (multiscript is unchanged).
-Fixed a bug affecting midi channels (in "progressive" mode).
-Added AI (Audio Imperia) to the list of developer dedicated midi ccs.