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Roll Control VST / AU / Multiscript

Roll Control VST / AU / Multiscript

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VST/AU plugin compatible with: Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One.

Multiscript runs in any DAW using Kontakt.

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  • Roll Control is a simple plugin that turns any percussion into mod wheel-controlled rolls.

    Just hold down a note, then control the intensity of the roll with your mod wheel. (You can roll up to five notes simultaneously.)

    Set the mod wheel at zero to turn the rolls off.

    Also works for pitched percussion and cymbal rolls.

    Control the roll speed with the horizontal slider.

    Available as a VST3, VST3 Instrument, AU.

    Also includes a Kontakt Multiscript version that runs in any DAW hosting Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher.

  • Adjust the speed with the horizontal slider.

  • Humanize controls for velocity and speed.

  • Toggle whether your initial hit plays.

  • Speed and mod wheel can be assigned to any cc controller.


-Polyphonic up to 5 notes at a time. (Meaning you can roll up to five different things simultaneously.)

-Cubase, Studio One: The VST plugin loads as a separate instrument track, and you direct the midi output into your target instrument. However, using the Multiscript version, you can run within an instance of Kontakt.


Change Log

3/10/23 Version 1.2
-Apple silicon now supported
-Added "alternate hits" feature
-Now includes a Kontakt Multiscript version.

8/25/22 Version 1.1
-Smoother Mac installs / permissions handling
-Fixed speed slider MIDI CC automation

8/19/22 Version 1.0
-Release version