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Ricochet VST / AU / Multiscript

Ricochet VST / AU / Multiscript

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Multiscript version runs in any DAW using Kontakt.

VST/AU plugin version works in: Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One. Silicon Native.

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  • Trigger a note when you press a key, then retrigger it when you lift.

    The concept is simple, but surprisingly powerful once you get it under your fingers. It opens up new performing possibilities. Like, playing a drum roll with a single finger. Or playing back-and-forth instruments like shakers, triangle, castanets. Or going berserk on a button-mashing-free-for-all.

    The "ricochet" effect changes the feeling of performing, because you are playing in while simultaneously hearing and responding to the rebounding note. Think of it like dribbling a ball. Set the repetitions to three or four, and you can think of it like skipping stones across a pond.

  • Lights indicate when repetitions are playing.

  • Use mod wheel or sustain pedal to enable/disable plugin.

  • Click+drag on the lights to adjust the velocity of each repetition.

  • Scalable GUI (VST/AU Plugin version only).


-Note: This tool isn't designed for drawing in notes on the grid. Think of it as a plugin for achieving an organic "played-in" feel.​

-Multiscript version runs in any DAW within Kontakt (version 5.8.1 or above).

-VST / AU version in Cubase/Studio One requires loading the plugin in its own separate track. (Meaning you'll have two tracks, one for the plugin and another for your instrument.)


Change Log

3/29/24 Version 1.0
-Release version

4/11/24 Version 1.1
-Kontakt multiscript was updated to v1.1 to patch a bug (responding to midi channels). VST/AU plugin version is v1.0 and unchanged.