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Niente VST / AU / Multiscript

Niente VST / AU / Multiscript

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VST/AU plugin version compatible with: Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One.

Multiscript version runs in any DAW using Kontakt.

Compatible Sample Players: Kontakt, Spitfire Audio Player, SINE, Eastwest Play (not Opus).

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  • Niente is a simple midi fx plugin that extends your instrument's lower dynamic range, down to silence, using midi data.

    Set a threshold on your mod wheel. As you go below it, Niente will fade your instrument down.

    You can set the volume it fades down to, and the volume at the top of the fade.

    Currently works with: Kontakt, Spitfire Player, SINE, Eastwest Play (not Opus).

    Available as a VST3, VST3 Instrument, AU.

    Niente sends cc7 or cc11 midi data to your sample player, which will automate midi volume or expression.

    Please watch the GM Volume System video (below) for more details.

Niente Walkthrough

GM Volume System Walkthrough

  • Set where on the mod wheel the fade starts.

  • The the volume it fades down to.

  • Adjust the fade, from linear to a gentle curve.

  • Scalable GUI.


-Compatible Sample Players: Kontakt, Spitfire Audio Player, SINE, Eastwest Play.

-VST Compatible DAWs: Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Studio One. Mutiscript compatible with any DAW running Kontakt 5.8.1 or above.

-The volume range is from 0 to -39.99 (then to silence).

-The fade can start anywhere on the mod wheel, and it ends at zero on the mod wheel.

-Cubase, Studio One: This plugin loads as a separate instrument track, and you direct the midi output into your target instrument.


Change Log

4/22/23 Version 1.1
-Apple silicon now supported.
-Now includes a Kontakt Multiscript version.
-Slight CPU efficiency improvements.

10/02/22 Version 1.0

-Release version