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Transposer Kontakt Multiscript

Transposer Kontakt Multiscript

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  • Transposer allows you to quickly double or triple your instruments and avoid phasing by using the "transposition trick".

    Placing Transposer on an instrument will instantly raise the pitch +2 semitones and transpose down -2 semitones. Press the down arrow for reverse settings (pitch down and transpose up).

    Transposer is a time-saver, and will also let you quickly A/B the results to see which you like best.

    A big thank you to multiscripting wizard Jay EM (at VI-C forum) for showing me the technique that makes this possible!


-Requires Kontakt (5.8.1 or above).

-Pitch changes apply to all instruments contained in an instance of Kontakt.

Change Log

8/17/23 Version 1.0
-Release version